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Lisa Triantafillou

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My name is Mrs. Lisa Triantafillou (Mrs. T) but many of my former students still love to call me Ms. Ambrosino since I have been teaching for over 18 years in Gloucester City, NJ. Started at MEC (Mary Ethel School) with my 4-6th graders, then recently merged with our newly built Middle School (GMS) to create a 4-8th grade building with over 900 students. I have organized, created, supervised, many of our school wide events including NFL Play60, Jump Rope for Heart, Philadelphia Soul Event, Winner of the NJEA Philadelphia Eagles Marlin Challenge, March Madness, Countless Assemblies & Pep-Rallies and my favorite, Field Day. My passion and goal to get everyone up and moving with the use of music and Technology. it's possible to reach people all over the world, even if they can't be directly in front of you…and that's how PE Fitness Frenzy was created!!

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4-8th grade