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  • Paul Johnson

    October 31, 2014 at 12:00 am

    If a parent were to come in and ask me what happened with their student on a certain date, I would have to be able to come up with hard data of what happened that day in class, Behavior(Courteous,Respect,Responsible,Safe) -Personal Dev.-Social Dev.- Cognitive Dev.- Motor Dev. Any behavior issues that came up and how the student responded.

    I have been using a program on Ipad called Grade Book Pro. I input 500+ students at the beginning of the year including a picture of them so it is easier for quick assessment. I use rubric materials that follow the SPARK lessons for each Unit. Homework worksheets, student self checks, Score keeping Group worksheets, and Unit tests are part of the grading criteria. Behavior can not be included in the grade unless there is proof of the behavior being taught in the lesson. I do keep track of overall behavior just for records in case there is a meeting where I may need to have data to back up what I say happened with the incident. The student population is inner-city and students are proud to have what ever they are wearing on their feet, cause it might be all they have. I do not grade on clothing. Instead of grading on “participation” I focus on Personal and Social development. It is fairly easy for students to participate and slide by. It takes student effort to go above participation and be a leader, to be kind and help when they see someone in need. Those actions are highly rewarded and I make it clear to my students those are my expectations. I can get all of this done using the Grade Book Pro program combined with the SPARK Curriculum. I have some of the materials on a website you are welcome to check out.

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