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  • Paul Johnson

    November 7, 2014 at 12:00 am

    Recently the new benchmarks (grade level outcomes) for PE have come out. Grade-level outcomes are benchmarks that identify what students should know and be able to do by the end of each grade.


    The goal seems to be all about students becoming physically literate individuals.

    It states, teachers across the country will receive more guidance than ever before on how to develop students that recognize the value of physical activity and know how to be responsible for their own healthy lifestyles.

    I fail to see the guidance they speak of. Yes they have laid out the expectations of what we must assess and teach acording to grade level. Where is the guidance on how to successfuly merge what I have now, into the new teaching and assessment expectations?

    Every District has a consistent method of PE curriculum and ways of assessment. They already are teaching and assessing to the national and state standards following the benchmarks their District have chosen. Now the benchmarks are being made consistent through the country, which is good. BUT Where is the suport and guidance on how to turn what we have now into the new.  Are they going to add in small print at the end of it (This is meant to be a guide and can be adapted to meet each schools needs. needs will vary according to such factors as facilities, teaching schedules, equipment, and weather) ? Or are we all of a sudden going to be granted new space to teach in, and access to budgets that gives us access to tools that make our students successful, filling our equipment rooms and scheduling our students classes for the greatest teaching experience. 

    It is great they are finally getting around to setting some benchmarks. The absent support and guidance will result in a product that is not consistent in the long run. 


    That was my first take on the whole thing.

    What does everyone else think? 

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