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Operation Cooperation

Posted By: Jarrett Middle School on March 30, 2017 11:47 PM| Views: 3776
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Students work in cooperative groups to figure out as many configurations in which they can cross the gym (basketball sideline to sideline) while remaining connected and keeping a specified number of their feet from touching the ground. If there are four students in a group then at least four of their feet must be suspended and four may be in contact with the ground. If there are five students in a group then at least five of their feet must be suspend and five may be in contact with the ground. For safety, students may not run and no students center of gravity may be any higher than another students waist. The object is to be the group that can successfully cross the gym the greatest number of times. Towards the end of each class, I have the groups present what they think is their most creative configuration and we vote on the most creative configuration. Sometimes other staff members stop by the gym and serve as judges to recognize the most creative group.

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