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Baby Shark Tag

Posted By: DanielleWallace on October 26, 2018 11:48 AM| Views: 1825
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There are 4 taggers in the game; Mommy shark, Daddy shark, Grandma shark and Grandpa shark. Two kids in a blue pinnie are Baby Shark; they are the free-ers. Also in the gym are 4 small portable pop up soccer goals put about 1 foot from each wall; they are the Shark Tanks. Also in the gym are 4 mats on the floor; they are the Islands. In the middle of the gym we have an Igloo cooler with different fitness cards inside; that is the Chum Bucket. We tell the kids everyone is a swimmer in the ocean. If tagged by a shark, they have to go to the Shark Tank and wait. Baby Shark starts with 8-10 fitness cards in their hand. They go to the Shark Tanks and give each kid one fitness card. That kid then goes to the island to do their fitness activity. When done with the activity, they return their card to the Chum Bucket and they are back in the game. As long as they have a fitness card, they are safe. We put the Chum Bucket in our basketball jump circle and tell them the only people allowed in there are the kids returning cards and Baby Shark. When Baby Shark is out of fitness cards, they go get more from the Chum Bucket. We play the song while they are playing the game. We tell the kids that Baby Shark doesn't like to eat people so they release them from the Shark Tank.

Rob wrote: on Nov 29, 2018 9:01 AM
I like it. Can you share your fitness card details? 10 jumping jacks? 8 situps? Thanks! Ps. Beautiful gym!
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