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Reindeer Tag

By: JennC| On: Dec 14, 2018 3:28 PM| Views: 394

Star Wars II

By: JennC| On: Dec 12, 2018 7:55 PM| Views: 269

Baby Shark Tag

This is a tag game we invented to go along with The Baby Shark craze

By: DanielleWallace| On: Oct 26, 2018 11:48 AM| Views: 1079

Gymnastics Wall Walk


By: Sammi| On: Oct 17, 2018 9:04 PM| Views: 411

Popcorn Song

throwing and catching, scarves

By: Sammi| On: Oct 17, 2018 9:01 PM| Views: 397

Warm Up Song

Locomotor skills warm up song. I put two songs together to create one long routine.

By: Sammi| On: Oct 17, 2018 8:57 PM| Views: 233

Agility Stations (Football)

Can be used for fitness, agility, or a football unit.

By: Sammi| On: Oct 17, 2018 8:55 PM| Views: 272

DrumFit 4th & 5th Greatest Showman

Greatest showman routine for 4th & 5th. Could use for other grades too.

By: Sammi| On: Oct 17, 2018 8:51 PM| Views: 257

DrumFit Kinder

Used this for kinder and first liked it too.

By: Sammi| On: Oct 17, 2018 8:46 PM| Views: 230

Circuit Training day (6 stations)

Its what we do on 8 period days to work on multiple motor skills and continue to increase our cardio output.

By: usm1998| On: Oct 12, 2018 1:37 PM| Views: 314

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