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The Largest Gathering of #PhysEd Presenters in the World!!
Posted: Jun 15, 2017 5:24 PM
By: Artie Kamiya

The Largest Gathering of #PhysEd Presenters in the World!! Take a Peek at the All-Star Guest List of PE Presenter Celebs Attending this Year's Institute (Alpha by State): Tonya Moore (CA), Valeria Shah (Canada), Jo Dixon (CO), Mike Smith (CO), Roy Mitchell (Washington DC), Nate Thomas (Washington DC), Ashley Grimes (FL), Nichole Wilder (FL), Brian Devore (GA), Annie Johnson (GA), Andy Pickett (IL), Dan Tennessen (IN), Stephanie Dickson (KS), Christina Courtney (LA), Joanna Faerber (LA), Rich Wiles (MD), Gabe Ervin (NC), Gabe Ervin (NC), Charla Tedder Krahnke (NC), Chris Walker (NC), Joe Weaver (NC), Elyse Loughlin (NY), Mike Martinez (NY), Victor Ramsey (NY), Laurie Gombash (OH), Benjamin Pirillo (TX), Pam Powers-Moesser (TX), John Jones-pe (VA), Scott Williams (VA), Lori S Dunn (WA), Alex O'Brian (WA), Crystal Gorwitz (WI), Shannon Maly (WI), and Victoria Otto (WI)! We are honored to have this US Games cadre of OPEN Trainers joining us this year!  Here's our website > http://nationalpe.com/

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