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Posted By: tony on Nov 27, 2016 9:50 PM|Views: 1445


Lucky 7's

Equipment- class set of flags, two small items, can be little sevens or anything you choose

How to play: Divide class into 2 teams. Everyone on each team wears a flag belt. Each team gets one "seven" or paperclip or whatever. Start each team at opposite ends of the playground. the object of the game is to get your teams seven across the playground to the other teams side without getting your flags pulled, if you do that before the other team you get 1 point. Everyone can pull anyones flags at any time during the game. If the person with the seven gets their flags pulled then they must bring it to the teacher and their team still has to try and defend their side so that the other team does not get a point. The round ends when one team scores first or both teams person with a seven gets their flags pulled. Switch sides after each round and play to 3 or whatever. When anyones flag is pulled they must go to the side and wait for the next round, the rounds should go somewhat fast. The teams do not have to tell anyone who has their seven and can plot and trick the other team. Do it, now.



Cyndie Smith wrote: on Dec 17, 2016 7:27 AM
Post a video of this game please.
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