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Flipping P.E. Ideas: Learning at Home = MORE PLAYING TIME IN P.E.!

Posted By: Health Education Today on Feb 24, 2019 8:21 AM|Views: 163


Here are some great ideas when students “just want to play” in your P.E. class, but of course they need the safety, rules and skill knowledge before you can let them play!


Students can watch a video at home on the “Pickleball Rules” for instance, take a Google Forms quiz, and in class you can quickly check to see which students have passed the quiz and then allow those students to skip your rules instruction in class and begin game play!


I Included some real teacher's exampes!


I also give some information on using technology in P.E. Class:

-QR Codes (they'll need their phones in the gym!)


-Some great exercise/bodywork YouTube video links



Flipping P.E.

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