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Columbus Day PE

Posted By: GymClassHero on Sep 19, 2018 9:12 AM|Views: 2835


Rules for Capture The Land

    Columbus came to the Americas searching for gold and land.  According to The Diary of Christopher Columbus, Columbus states, “I was attentive and labored to find out if there was any gold.”  Columbus also exclaims in his diary, “ As soon as it dawned I ordered the ships boat and the launches of the caravels made ready and went north-northeast along the island in order to see what here was in the other part.”  Therefore if you are on the European side you have to try and steal gold from the Native American side. If you are on the Native American team you have to take the gold back that was already stolen from you. Once a team has taken all the gold from one side that team captures the land and wins. Taking gold wasn't the only thing Columbus and his men did.  They also spread many diseases. In an article written by David J. Meltzer, he talks about the deadly diseases that the Europeans brought to the new world, Meltzer states, “They fell victim to epidemic waves of smallpox, measles, influenza, bubonic plague,diphtheria, typhus, cholera, scarlet fever, chicken pox, yellow fever, and whooping cough.”  As soon as you cross the line onto the others teams side you are instantly vulnerable to be tagged.  Once you get tagged you immediately get a disease and have to go into quarantine. The only way to get out of quarantine is for one of your teammates to sacrifice their life and cross the line to get you.  If you’re a Native American and you stay in quarantine for 2 minutes without being saved you are out of the game. On the other hand if you are a European and you get tagged on the Native side you go drop the gold and head back to your side. Once you cross onto your side you are free to play again. If your entire team gets tagged and cannot be saved then your team loses and surrenders their land.

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