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Battle Ground

Posted By: K. Baker on Oct 05, 2018 11:00 AM|Views: 1604


Created by 4th grade student Dylan Sligh,  WWRobinson Elementary School,  Woodstock, VA







Equipment needed:  two mats, two boxes or hula  hoops to hold supplies, bean bags or other small objects as supplies  (they should be different colors for each side), 2 pool noodles, 10-12 gatorskin tag balls, 4 scooters,


Mark off playing area as shown


Split class into two equal teams.  Each team will need 2-4 catapults operators (throwing balls) 2 swordsman (tagging with pool noodles), 2 generals (in charge of getting ammunition, they must be on a scooter, our 4th grade creator of this game says one boy and one girl but you can choose),  several Foot soldiers or Infiltrators (they are trying to go into enemy territory and steal supplies.


The object of the game is to steal all of the other teams supplies from their storage unit without being tagged by a pool noodle or hit by a ball.   This has a battle theme and can be used when students are learning about a battle in history class.


Catapult operators must be on knees and stay on the mat on their side of the playing area, they are throwing balls in an attempt to hit soldiers as they cross over into enemy territory.  


Swordsman must stay in the middle area designated by cones or cones and are to tag soldiers from the other team as they try to enter enemy territory. Tags must be made below the waist. They must keep two hands on the pool noodle at all times.


Foot Soldiers or Infiltrators are attempting to enter enemy territory and steal one supply from the opponents supply box and bring it back to their side without getting tagged by a sword or a ball.  If they are tagged below the waist by a Swordsman or hit below the waist by a ball thrown from the “catapult” the Infiltrator must exit the playing area closest to where they were tagged, run one lap around the battlefield perimeter to the back of their end of the gym, perform 10-15 designated exercises before entering the game.  (You may also have students get in plank position when tagged and have another Infiltrator or Foot Soldier form their team rescue them.)


Generals are  helping to direct the action and also are supplying catapult with tag balls.  They must ride on the scooter at all times sitting on their bottom. They may move anywhere on their side of the battlefield.


This game is played similar to capture the flag.  Play for a set amount of time, count the supplies, declare a winner and switch roles.




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